Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Much Cooler

Drew said it best, but yeah, you asked for it and we're going to give it to you: a site upgrade with a new less harmful on the eyes design! High fives all around!

Thanks to all our readership, all of our writers, our news editor Drew Robbins who is probably one of the most motivated and selfless people I know, the new site manager Nic Roth who handles every inquiry of mine as cool as can be and thanks to Ramon Aranda who got me started, that's the best boss I've ever worked for.

Okay, Round 2! Ikuzo!

John De Large, Editor-In-Chief, really excited

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We've Gotten Cooler

For the past several months we here at New Game Plus have made Blogspot home to all of our coverage.  The past few months have left us with an remarkably increased readership, and in concordance with that, the time has come to move on to a more official website.

Beginning this week, all coverage from New Game Plus will be found here.  As you can see, we now have our own domain name alongside a more aesthetically pleasing layout in response to much of the feedback we have received from interested readers over the past few months.

On behalf of the entirety of the staff, I would like to thank all readers for making New Game Plus legitimate enough to warrant such a drastic shift.  This site has always been made entirely with your interests in mind, and with this change, we can only hope that we have shown that.

Special thanks also go out to friend of the site Nic Roth, designer of our new website, who has put up with all of our incessant nagging to put out the best possible product.

See you on the other side.

- Drew Robbins, News Editor

Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Morning HP Boost: End of an Era by Drew Robbins

The preceding week is over and you are weak and weary.  Everything around you seems to be falling apart at the seams, and you just know that this next week will be filled with just as much uncontrollable madness.  It doesn't have to be like that; take a quick swig of this optimism potion known as Monday Morning HP Boost!  A weekly look at an uplifting story to replace all of that fear and dread with a unabridged enthusiasm!

There are a lot of questions I find myself asking when I wake up in the morning, and the most pressing of those questions for the past few months is this:  when will the Minecraft Beta end?  After many months of furious pondering, an answer has been bestowed upon us by the game's humble developer, Markus Persson.

Beginning on November 11th, this year's standalone day that everyone is vying to release a product on, Minecraft will officially drop the beta moniker and become "The Artist Formerly Known as the Minecraft Beta." Okay, maybe it won't be called exactly that, but that's one of the few ways I might actually garner mild interest for the game.

For many of you the HP Boost comes only from hearing that Minecraft's absurdly long beta phase is nearing a close, but to me, I'm instantly invigorated by the implications that said release date could present.  During its beta stage I'm constantly reminded of the game's existence by the millions of stories published on websites or gaming blogs, with all of the game's loyal fans trying to shove its creativity down my throat.  Though I'm always thrilled to see a game of any sort gain such a die-hard fandom, at some point the incessant reporting becomes overkill.

I get it by now, Minecraft is great. Now, lets use the game's announced release date as an official deadline for all mushy praise articles of the product and let it slowly fade from the daily news cycle.  The world will be a much better place for it.  Given the surrounding events of the release date I have few doubts that an end to the 24/7 coverage will finally die down:  most gamers will be too busy playing through Uncharted 3 or buying their copies of Elder Scrolls V:  Skyrim to even bother focusing a brain wave on the enormous indie hit.

HP and MP restored!

But you're still hungry....

Source:  Kotaku

Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday's Line Up!

The team has a quadruple play for you!

Elmo Machete's Wrestlemania XXVII Rant: From The Bottom Of The Barrel

Hello, ladies & gents! Elmo Machete here, and just like plenty of folks out there I started watching professional wrestling during the fabled "Attitude Era." Unlike plenty of folks out there, however, I never quit watching when the glory days were over and stuff started getting bad. I tuned out sometimes, stopped watching as religiously as I used to when WWE got complacent from lack of competition, but I always kept up with results online - and ALWAYS watch Wrestlemania every year. Even when Wrestlemania is lackluster, it's still a blast to watch with a group of friends and drunkenly yell at the screen.

I used to do play-by-play rant/reviews of WWE's failed experiment, the "ECW" revival, but it wasn't much fun to write an exact transcript of what was happening on screen (and I'm sure it wasn't much fun to read anything other than the hateful humor, either). So, this year I decided to try something new - instead of PBP, I basically "tweeted" by hand (remember pen and paper?), writing down memorable thoughts and quotes from me and the group watching with me. Throw in a little post-match summaries, plus some (increasingly drunken) video tidbits our fearless leader JDL recorded with his new camera (coming soonish) , and you've got Elmo Machete's Wrestlemania XXVII Rant: From The Bottom Of The Barrel.

The Players
Elmo Machete: New Game's wrestling reviewer extraordinaire, occasionally (by which we mean a lot) drinks while watching wrestling.
Morgan Eschmann: New Game's Managing Editor, occasionally (also actually a lot) grumbles to self and says "AUGH!" aloud.
Papa Eschmann: Morgan's father who cooks an excellent lamb burger and buys good hot dogs, occasionally (again, a lot) awesome.
Shasta: Mutual friend of everyone else, occasionally (A LOT!) says cool stuff.
John De Large: New Game's Fearless Leader, occasionally (seriously, only once in a while) motions for Elmo to write stuff down.

JDL: "I like the Rock and all...
Elmo: "You like the Rock?!"
JDL: "...but I want him and his call and response bullshit to shut the fuck up right now -- and I want my wrestling. (And yes, I like the Rock.)"
This quote pretty much sums up my thoughts on the first fifteen-twenty mintutes of the show. Rock came out and did an overly long, overly corny call-and-response bit with the crowd... and I don't care how many times Morgan said "well, it's a kids show now," there's no reason that children's entertainment can't appeal to adults as well (the better Nicktoons, for example) instead of making me want to put my boot through the screen.

Announcer: "It's more than a show... it's more than an event..."
Moe Esch: "It's a Shevent."

Alberto del Rio (w/Ricardo Rodriguez & Brodus Clay) vs. Edge (c., w/Christian)
 - Opening the show with the Big Gold Belt? It's like they're still mad at it having been associated with WCW or something.
 - ...why does Christian get his own entrance? And where the hell did Brodus Clay come from?!
- Elmo: "OHMYGOD that out-of-ring bump from Alberto was bitchin'!"
Moe: "You know that's one of his signature spots, right?"
Elmo: "You mean, he has a bumpset?"
(I bring this up because one of Morgan's primary criticisms against Ric Flair is that where most wrestlers have a "moveset" of signature maneuvers, Flair has a "bumpset" of signature falls he takes or moves he gets reversed on him. I do not disagree. And that Alberto bump was still bitchin'.)
- Do I like Brodus Clay? That Tazplex to Christian on the floor tells me that I might.
- Edge defeats Alberto del Rio via Spear.
- I liked this match more than I thought I was going to, it was real fun and fast paced. I'm an Alberto fan, and while Edge has been getting slowly worse in the past couple years he definitely held up his end of the match. I had predicted a del Rio win, though, so the night got off to a statistically bad start for me. I DO kind of miss the Money in the Bank match as the default "Why is THIS the opener?" however.

Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio
 - With the facemask and hooded entrance jacket, Cody is like the Doctor Doom of pro wrestling... and look, he's fighting Captain Mexico!
 -Rhodes hits the Hardcore Holly Low Blow INTO the Alabama Slam! Sweet!
- Say, whatever happened to Bob Holly?
- Moe: "DO SOMETHING COOL! (Cody hits a stalling superplex) I like how his mask fogs up."
- Cody Rhodes defeats Rey Mysterio via knee brace smash and CrossRhodes.
My prediction is wrong once again, but in this case I'm glad. I'm amazed how much Cody has grown on me since he started the "Dashing/Disfigured" gimmick. I really liked the ending of this one (as well as the beginning and middle) where they traded protective gear. Rey's running headbutts with the facemask were pretty sweet.

- Finally, Snoop Dogg and Roddy Piper in the same room. Oh, how I've been waiting for this.
- Shasta: (re: Chris Master's synchronized titty bouncing) "I want it to go away. Right now."
- Finally, Hornswoggle rapping. Oh, how I've been waiting for this. (/sarcasm)
Snoop and Piper are awesome enough that they can do whatever they want. Everybody else involved in this skit can die in a fire.

The Corre (Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett, Tag Team Champions Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater, and Ezekial Jackson) vs. Big Show, Kane, Santino Marella & Kofi Kingston
-Shasta: "They misspelled 'Core.'"
-Moe: (re: Kofi's grinning blackface logo) "That graphic is a little racist, not gonna lie."

Y'know, THIS ONE.

-Show/Kane/Santino/Kofi defeat the Corre via a minute and a half of nothing.
-My prediction is wrong AGAIN, and what the hell was the point of that lasting as long as it didn't? Was it so we could get another...

 - Oh, great. Here's Mae Young. Y'know, after about ten years of the same joke making fun of the elderly just ceases to be funny.
-Elmo: (re: Eve) "Who the hell is that? She's got a big jaw."
Papa Esch: "Yeah, that's what I noticed."
-Austin and the Rock interacted, the Divas Champion that I managed to completely forget the identity of got on the show, we got a Mae Young joke and our group died a little inside.

Also, Kofi's entire schtick is a little bit racist.

CM Punk vs. Randy Orton
 - Punk stole Low-Ki's (excuse me, "Kaval's") favorite indie spot, the double stomp tree of woe, except he used the knees. I have no idea how this guy has managed to stay so awesome in the face of WWE's rampant awesomeness neutering.
- Say, whatever happened to that Kaval guy?
- Shasta: "It's like a ballet, but gayer!"
- God, I hate the ringpost figure four. It's one of those moves that makes me unwilling to suspend my disbelief.
- Orton defeats Punk via springboard reversal into an RKO.
-Good match, better than what Orton usually vomits up in the ring... but why did THIS match have to be the first prediction I got right?

-Pee-Wee Herman was there (heavy sigh).

-Shawn Michaels got his own separate entrance after everyone else because he's just better than them, I suppose. Sunny looked much less like a disgusting hosebeast than the last time I saw her, and OH MY GOD HACKSAW JIM DUGGAN'S 2x4 IS WEARING A BOWTIE. That's practically worth $55 USD right there.

Michael Cole (w/Jack Swagger) vs. Jerry "The King" Lawler, special guest referee: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
- I've been liking Booker T's work as a commentator. At least he's better than Stevie Ray.
- Jim Ross is back, ladies and mentlegen!
- Michael Cole's singlet may have made my eyes bleed, I'm not sure.
- I miss the amateur wrestling headpiece. I don't miss Rick Steiner, but I DO miss that headpiece.
- Pretty much the only good spots in this match: Cole being pulled face first against the wall of the Cole Mine, and Austin refusing to acknowledge Cole's submission.
- Lawler defeats Cole via --
- Actually, scratch that, Cole defeats Lawler via reverse decision disqualification.
-Well THAT went on much longer than it should've, went absolutely nowhere & pretty much pissed in the face of all conventional feud-ending wrestling booking. Good thing they're not a wrestling company anymore, I guess.

No Holds Barred: Triple H vs. The Undertaker
 - Anybody want to take bets on whether or not they edit out the Metallica and Johnny Cash songs from the eventual DVD release?
- Papa Esch: "Man, Undertaker's got some skiny-ass legs..."
- This match has left me... whelmed.
- Undertaker defeats Helmsley via submission, that silly-ass "MMA" choke.
- It's hard for me to describe this match. A bunch of really great spots stick out in my mind, like Triple H's spinebuster into the announce table, his theft of the Tombstone or the relentless chairshots (including one to the head). Undertaker is so old and broken at this point in time that the most impressive thing he did inbetween thirty minutes of lying around was continue to stand up. I guess it IS pretty impressive that he can still do that, though. In the end, I liked this match alot more than either of those 'Taker/HBK matches, but then again I kind of hated both of those anyway. Myeh.

Dolph Ziggler & Laycool (Michelle McCool & Layla El, w/Vickie Guerrero) vs. John Morrison, Trish Status & (ugh) Snooki
- JDL: (re: Vickie) "Did she lose weight?"
Elmo: "(angrily) YES."
JDL: "...she's still ugly."
- Morrison/Stratus/Snooki defeat Ziggler/Laycool, Snooki pins McCool.
- Snooki busted out a borderline impressive cartwheel elbow into the corner and a cartwheel splash. For that, she gets to live. The match was still horseshit.

The Miz (c., w/Alex Riley) vs. John Cena
 - I hate it that the champion enters first almost always these days, but I LOVE the Miz's pre-match Nas music video and giant inflatable "AWESOME" letters.
- "Fuck you, you gay fuck - that's a GREAT vest."
(I didn't write down who said this, but I think it's great that someone accused someone else of being a homosexual for not liking Riley's sequined vest. Actually, that was probably me who said that. It WAS a great vest.)
 - John Cena's pretentious gospel choir entrance, not so much. Pretentiousness works only when you're supposed to be the bad guy.
 - ...this feels like a Raw main event.
- Draw, double count-out.
- Worst... finish... ev --
- BUT WAIT! Here comes the Rock to restart the match, give Cena a Rock Bottom, and THERE'S your finish.
- Miz defeats Cena via Rockerference.
- Possibly the worst finish(es) to a Wrestlemania main event ever. I'm totally okay with the heel winning here, but the teased double count-out was pointless & it would've been nice if Miz had been able to get in a move of his own AFTER the Rock Bottom, just so he didn't look totally inept. This match felt like it never really had a chance to get going, either, like they were pressed for time or something. We really needed all those "comedy" skits, though.

*whew* The show had its ups and downs, but it was overall enjoyable. There were some... shall we say "questionable" booking decisions and match results, but if I felt like picking apart the entire direction of the WWE we'd be here all day. I'll leave that for another article, I suppose.

Most of the matches I hoped would deliver the in-ring entertainment did just that, though, and a couple of my favorites (Rhodes, Miz) unexpectedly won, which is always nice. Not one of the best Wrestlemanias ever by a long shot, but unlike the past five or six installments, this one at least won't blend together seamlessly in my head into an endless sea of bland.

Mild recommendation, for one viewing at least. Edge/del Rio, Rhodes/Mysterio and Taker/HHH highly recommended.

Check Out MAINGEAR's VYBE Computer

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•OS: Windows 7 Home, Professional or Ultimate 64-Bit

Vulva Original Review by John De Large and Co!

Terry Lewis obtained a cologne known as Vulva Original, which is every bit as frightening as it sounds. John De Large got a whiff of the stuff (check from 4:45 on for his reaction) at a recent gamer meet up alongside 2D-X's Tim Torres and Jeff Wilson and the aforementioned Terry Lewis as well as his site-mate Sean Paul Adams.